Kompact systems - the safe, easy to use & affordable answer to comfortable space saving working environment.

Today office space has become a scarce and precious commodity. As a result of the fast urbanisation process, arising from equally rapid industrialization.

Today growing cities are facing acute shortage of valuable space. The available space, therefore should be utilized prudently and with advantage. At the same time with no sacrifice on the needed comfort and convenience.

Kompact Systems had been vey much conscious to the pressing need to solve the problem of storage and conserve space as much as possible for other use. As a first step Kompact has come with their various Space Systems and Techniques which are specially designed for storage of various items such as.

  • Files, Ledgers, Books for Library and other Office Records.
  • Merchandise of all kinds both Raw Material and Finishing Goods.
  • Computer Hardware.
  • Food Items and Bottles.
  • Audio / Video Tapes / Picture Frames etc.
  • Garments and Cloth Materials etc.

As we now manufacture all our mobile and stationary shelving units, filing systems, industrial mobile carriages, art racks, movable pull-out storage panels, accessories and cabinets for multimedia storage, museum storage and much more, we have a perfect control on our products and we will help you finding the right solution for your specific storage needs.

With our experience and expertise of over 20 years specially in metal fabrication. Our products are guaranteed for quality and trouble free service for a long-life time.